Welcome to AGRO BANGLADESH 2020 | Awesome Agro Based Exhibition
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Harness with the trending Technologies

Changes are taking place frequently in this sector regarding the technology and machineries. To keep yourself updated with that, Agro Bangladesh Expo is the perfect platform for doing this.

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Stay in the center of attention

The 3 Day long expo is a gathering of the leading market giants of the sector of Agriculture along with seminars and conferences everyday. Meet the desired business visitors with the perfect place in the expo.

What our clients say

Control over the Market

If you are related to the Agri sector, participating in this expo will provide you an opportunity to know more about the changing trends of the sector and bring changes to your strategy to grow.

Get Competitive Advantage

Bring the upgraded techs to your very own company and lead the market with quality products.

B2B Meetings

There is no better opportunity than this expo to meet the industry leaders face to face to discuss business opportunities.

Direct Sales Opportunities

You may get to generate up to 20% of your annual sales through the course of 3days of the expo.

Random Gallery Snapshot


Visit topmost Manufacturers of Ingredients and Machineries


Number of Visitors in the edition of 2018 over the course of 3 days


Millions of Purchase order placed in BDT during the expo

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